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You’ve built empires at the game table, but can you save one? Designed by John D Clair with art by Kwanchai Moriya.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfillment Status Update - October 16
6 months ago – Mon, Oct 16, 2023 at 01:39:09 PM

Hi everyone,

A Fulfillment Update!

For the backers in the following regions: 

United States, Central America, South America - Fulfillment has begun! We know several of you have received tracking and thank you for confirming via the comments.  As shipments are processed you will receive tracking, but please allow 1-2 weeks before contacting us. However, we expect the majority of  backers in these zones to have received a tracking number by the end of this week, or early next week. Rest assured if there are issues after the 1-2 week timeline we will do our best to resolve them via our customer service support email. 

For all other backers: 

We are anticipating that shipping will begin very soon for all other zones.  We are working diligently with our fulfillment partners to ensure that these regions are fulfilled as quickly as possible. At this time we do not have definitive dates, but will share those with you all the minute we receive them. Note that we are working with each of our language partners to try and ensure that these orders get shipped BEFORE those language editions are in stores, but it may be a close call for some of you. We assure you we are doing our best!

That's it for today, but we will certainly keep you all in the loop when we have additional information to share. 

Brotherwise Games

Fulfillment Update Status - October 3rd
7 months ago – Tue, Oct 03, 2023 at 03:08:11 PM

Fulfillment Update! 

Hi everyone, 

Here was the scene in our freight receiving house last week as pallets and pallets of games were routed to the US fulfillment warehouse. Similar scenes have already played out in our other fulfillment zones around the world.

Empire's End games on pallets

So we're getting very close now! As more information is coming in from our fulfillment partners we have some updates to share with all of our regions so let's get started.

North, Central, and South America - The container has arrived and trucks are heading to our warehouse now with your games! We expect fulfillment to begin in 1-2 weeks and the entire process could take 3 weeks from start to finish. Address changes are officially locked down and if you need to make any changes please email us at [email protected], we will do our best to accommodate these requests in a 2nd wave following directly after the first. 

Asia/RoW - We expect that your games should be beginning fulfillment soon and we expect this process to take 2-4 weeks depending on final destination country.

Australia/New Zealand - We expect that your games should be beginning fulfillment soon and we expect this process to take 1-3 weeks.

EU/UK - The games are still on the container headed to port very soon, once they have arrived and processed we will update our EU/UK backers in the comment section. We do expect fulfillment to begin once they arrive, almost immediately. 

More Game Imagery!

While we've been waiting we've been playing around with the early copies we received, and again, we can't emphasize enough how terrific this game is. So fun to play, and then so fun to pack up! Look at these pics of the storage!

Empire's End pictures

Thank you all for your patience, we are thrilled that Empire's End will be making its way to all of you very soon! 

- Brotherwise Games

Loading the Containers!
9 months ago – Wed, Aug 09, 2023 at 01:46:16 PM

Greetings all! Some quick updates on Empire's End:


We recieved word that the containers are being loaded over the next two weeks and will begin their journey to each fulfillment partner across the globe! While it is still too early to give an exact estimate on these containers arriving, we anticipate a September/October fulfillment as long as everything goes smoothly across the waters.

Address Change

We have locked addresses for Empire's End, but also understand that situations can occur that might challenge that. If you need to submit an address change please do so by emailing [email protected] and we can change that for you.  As we have not submitted our final reports with our fulfillment center there is still time for the last-minute changes, but please get them in sooner than later so we can assure a smooth delivery! 

Big Hit at Gen Con!

For those that visited us at our booth or attended one of our demo sessions, we want to thank you for stopping by! You all showed a lot of interest in Empire's End, and all of our events were sold out. Allison from Play the Game HQ, stopped by to take some snaps of our demos, check them out below!

That's all for now, but we'll be back again once all containers have made it on to the water! Thank you for your continued support, 

- Brotherwise Games

Production update ...locking addresses!
10 months ago – Thu, Jul 06, 2023 at 09:58:31 AM

Greetings, backers! We wanted to take today to update you all on the progress being made with Empire’s End. We are nearing the production finish line as we received word that printing has officially been completed!

Once the preproduction samples have been delivered to us we'll conduct a final review of the components. If approved, we anticipate it will take our factory team 4 or 5 days to complete assembly and thus wrap up production of Empire's End! That means it is time to make sure you address is updated in BackerKit.

What's in the Box?

Speaking of our factory team, they sent over a thorough unboxing video as well as some behind-the-scenes photos, check them out below! Keep in mind that this unboxing shows off the components of the Deluxe Edition, but how they are packed will be slightly different from what's depicted in the video.

It's awesome to see just how much game is packed into that little box! The deluxe tray by Black Magic Inserts is the perfect way to hold all this gaming goodness, and once you've punched out all the location tiles, we think you'll be delighted by how perfectly everything fits.

That's a lot of Empire's End!

Next Steps 

We have already begun working with our fulfillment partners to ensure smooth transport and will have more information on the status of this in our next update. As you can see, things are progressing very nicely and we can't wait to get this game in your hands!

An Important Reminder

As we begin the process of transferring pledge information to the correct fulfillment centers we will also be locking addresses next Tuesday so please make sure that your address is up to date by logging into your BackerKit account and checking the address you have listed there. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact BackerKit for additional help. If they cannot answer your question it will go directly to us and we will happily assist. 

That's it for today's update! Thank you for your continued support, and we'll have more next month!

Going to Print
11 months ago – Tue, May 23, 2023 at 09:11:40 PM

Hi all,

Very short update here. The past month has been filled with a time consuming but necessary round of reviewing proofs, resubmitting files if errors were found, reviewing the new proofs, and sometimes resubmitting files again if things didn't look perfect. This had been a bit longer process than we expected, mostly because the factory didn't like our dielines for the box files and wanted us to adjust everything to a new set of dielines. I won't bore you with the details, but this is more challenging than it sounds.

The good news is, this week we go to print and I'm very, very happy with how things look. The game is gorgeous and you're going to love it. We've got to submit just a couple more revised boxes from the language partners, but that should be it. With any luck the next update we send will be in late June or early July saying printing is complete.

Thank you again for helping us make this lovely game happen!

Brother One