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You’ve built empires at the game table, but can you save one? Designed by John D Clair with art by Kwanchai Moriya.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Brief Production Update
6 months ago – Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 11:14:10 AM

Dear Empire's End Backers,

We try hard to only send updates when we have something meaningful to share, but it's been a little while since our last one and we've received a number of requests for news. At the moment, we are waiting on our various localization partners to finish their translations of the game. Things are moving along nicely and we expect to be beginning production sometime this month, but it will likely be closer to the end of the month.

The good news is that having 7 localization teams working on your game means that we've got many, many more eyes on these files than we might normally, and our teams have uncovered and corrected some things which we might have missed. We think this will be one of the best games we've printed and shipped, and the value added from these additional inspections will be there!

Our next update will come in April when we have a better sense of how production is going. Stay tuned.

The Empire's End Pledge Manager is Live on Backerkit
8 months ago – Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 01:23:02 PM

Hi all,

Today you should receive an email from Backerkit inviting you to complete your pledge manager for Empire's End. Some notes before you get started...

How to Use BackerKit

Check your inbox and spam filter for an email from BackerKit ([email protected]), or follow this link and click on “Get My Survey.” Note: invitations will roll out over the next 12 hours, so yours may not arrive until this evening.

Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm your pledge level. If you’d like to upgrade your pledge level, click on the small “Switch your Pledge Level” link at the bottom of the first screen:

Backerkit opening screen

For any pledges beyond $1.00, you’ll have the chance to select the language you'd like the game to come in, choosing from English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. We were thrilled to secure these language localization partners in time to list them on Backerkit. We will continue to solicit other language partners throughout the next few months, and we hope to offer the game in even more languages when it hits retail (likely in early 2024). Note that ONLY the Empire's End game itself will be translated. If you add on any other Brotherwise products to your order, they will come in English only. Additionally, any products you add to this order will NOT ship until Empire's End ships to backers later this year; this allows us to combine products for cheaper shipping.

Shipping was not included in your original Kickstarter payment. It will be calculated based on your Kickstarter profile's country/geographic zone. If you change your address, the shipping total will update accordingly; likewise, if you add on additional products, your shipping charge will increase accordingly (although we've discounted shipping to all zones as much as we possibly can).

Your total cost (with shipping) should update as you select any Add-Ons. Once you’ve made your final selections, hit “Next” and confirm your address. On the final screen you’ll enter your credit card or Paypal to cover the balance of any shipping and Add-Ons, which completes this process.

Any questions on this process can go to [email protected], but a reminder that your invitation email may not arrive until this evening.

Empire's End Pledge Manager Opening Soon!
8 months ago – Sat, Jan 21, 2023 at 10:28:17 AM

Greeting backers! And happy new year to everyone.

It's  been a while since we last checked in, but I'm writing to let you know that we've been hard at work and we have some updates!

Print Files Delivered to Localization Team

All of the English language files for Empire's End are ready to go! We've been a little slower with this because we wanted to get it just right, and that time has allowed us to tweak some parts of the game that backers commented on during the campaign. For example, Disaster have been reconfigured to be more thematically arrayed, as demonstrated by this newly-added rulebook page. Now you'll know right away how a Disaster's Innovation might impact your empire.

Flavors of Disasters

While we'll continue to do some editorial checking of these files, they have already been sent to the Location Team at Lucky Duck. That team now has 60 days to translate the files for the different languages  it will be offered in; which brings me to my next point...

We're Finalizing Language Options before Opening Backerkit

The list of languages that the game will be offered in has grown! I'm not going to present the list here, as we're still signing some of the possible languages on, but we've already got six languages signed and we're working on signing three more. That is the final hold up in launching the pledge manager on Backerkit (where some of these languages will be immediately available to choose from). We're hoping to have that figured out sometime this coming week.

When the pledge manager launches, you'll get an email directly from Backerkit directing you to your pledge manager survey.  Note that if you've used an Apple email link to avoid getting spam emails, you will likely not get the Backerkit email. We'll post a short update here letting you know they've gone out, so you'll be able to address that problem at that time.


Brother One

All Roads Lead to...
9 months ago – Fri, Dec 16, 2022 at 05:04:57 AM

Our final day has arrived! It’s been a short campaign but a fun one. As we write this, the campaign is approaching 3500 backers and Empire’s End is being seen all over tabletop gaming social media. We’re really proud of this one. John’s design is inspired, and Hayden’s development team polished that design to a mirrored shine; Kwanchai’s art is gorgeous; and the graphic design from Matt Paquette, Co. brings everything together in the perfect package. We knew this one was special from the get go, but it’s nice to see it all come together.

Where to Now?

After the campaign closes, Kickstarter will take several days to collect funds. Once that's squared away, we'll launch the BackerKit pledge manager in January. That's where you'll pay for shipping and any Add-Ons you want to include at that time. As we get closer to that date, we'll send an update with more detailed instructions.

This one is very close to being ready for the printers, BUT we’re going to be giving our various localization partners another 60 days to get translations together. Speaking of translations, in BackerKit you’ll have the option to select from the various languages we’ve signed. At the moment, that’s Italian and French, but we hope to have one or two more available when the pledge manager goes live.

Until then, we’ll be working on double checking all the components, perfecting the player mats, and incorporating the feedback you’ve given to us along the way. Backer interaction really does pay off here; we’ve already included some of your comments, including putting the build costs on every Innovation!

New Disaster Cards

We’re very excited about the future of Empire’s End. There’s so much unexplored playspace here and we hope that we’re able to continuing working on John’s brilliant design for years to come. Our development team has already been hard at work on possible expansions like a 5-player or even 6-player mode, new card types, and a chaos mode where (some of) the phase markers on the board are randomized. 

Those are all options for the future. But today we're unlocking a stretch goal that gives you one more mode right in the core game box!

Last Stretch Goal – Lightning Mode

A full game of Empire’s End is a delight, but sometimes you just want to get in, save your empire, and get out. For those busy days, the rulebook will now include… Lightning Mode! Lightning mode provides a shorter game with all the same core mechanics. Instead of starting on the Start square, play begins on the 9th square on the track (marked with a little lightning bolt).

Lightning Mode Board
Here are the phases you'll use in a Lightning Mode game

To accommodate this leap in turns, players begin the game with two destroyed locations and two Innovations already in play (selected from four initial cards). Players then play the game as normally, but with only two cards in their hand instead of four.

It’s a small change, but one that facilitates a shorter game with ease, and just one example of how flexible the system John created can be. Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can reenact the fall of an empire in 45 minutes or less!

Thank You!

That’s all for our final day! When the campaign closes, Kickstarter will collect your pledge funds. Make sure you’ve got a good credit card listed with them, but if you don’t, they will try to collect funds for a few days. Hit us up with any questions about the game, but note that we don’t have any control over how Kickstarter charges you. If there’s an issue there, please forward it to Kickstarter support.

Thanks for your support during this campaign. With your help, we'll truly be able to make this game the best it can be. We can't wait to see the empires you build (and destroy, and rebuild) in 2023!

New Add On - Player Mats!
9 months ago – Wed, Dec 14, 2022 at 03:02:18 AM

The campaign is almost over. In just a couple short weeks we’ve enlisted almost 3000 backers, unlocked new components, upgraded materials, and included an deluxe insert to rival any we’ve ever seen. In many ways, this game is already as good as we can make it, but we’ve heard a number of requests for one more thing: Player Mats. Today, we’re happy to oblige.

New Add On – Player Mats!

Four playmats

 Based on the fantastic Location art from Kwanchai Moriya, these player mats are made of thin neoprene with stitched edges and full color printing. If this is the sort of thing you love, you can get four of them as an Add-On for $15 in BackerKit after the campaign is over. You can also simply increase your pledge level to the new $70 Deluxe All-In Edition, which includes everything: the neoprene playmats, wooden resource tokens, and wooden markers. If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry; the game plays just as well without them.

But just to brag about them a little…the mats serve two functions. First, the Location Tracker across the top makes it easy to figure out which of your Locations is being targeted by a Disaster. Second, because the game involves LOTS of lifting tiles and cards and moving them around, the neoprene provides a comfortable surface that facilitates card manipulation.

A playmat with a game in play.

And look at how pretty it all looks together! We just love these. Having said all that, please note that these mats will not fit in the box with the other components. To keep production efficient and the price point at $15 per set, they playmats will always come as a pack of four.

Stretch Goal Unlocked - Location Trackers

For those of you who don't want neoprene playmats but do like the functionality of the numbers across the top, we've got you covered. Every Deluxe Edition ($40 pledge level and above) will also come with 4 paper versions of the Location Tracker.

Location Tracker: Every Deluxe Edition will now come with 4 trackers that can be used to organize your empire!

Each Location Tracker will be a chipboard strip that can be folded and tucked inside the box insert. They're not as snazzy as the neoprene mats, but you'll still find them handy for teaching and playing the game. Thank you for helping us unlock this final physical upgrade for Empire's End!

Just Two Days Left

With only two days left in the campaign, we still have plenty of room to grow! If you'd like to upgrade to the All-In pledge level, visit the project page and click the “Manage your pledge" button. On the following page, select "Change your pledge" and adjust to the new reward tier. (Changing your reward tier will automatically update your pledge amount.)

Another way to help us make the most of this campaign is to get the word out. We think this game is fantastic and we want to share it with as many people as possible, so please share the love if you get a chance. Remember to use the hashtag #EmpiresEnd if you do, so we can thank you!